Husch Blackwell Update
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Misconduct Working Group Update - Mar. 12

Dear campus community,

On Thursday, March 12, members of the Misconduct Working Group gathered for a final meeting. The meeting opened with a brief discussion regarding COVID-19 and how it could potentially impact the implementation phase of the Husch Blackwell policy recommendations. There were several requests for clarification about how the recommendations will be operationalized, how success will be measured, and who will provide oversight on the next phase.

The group discussed hiring practices for faculty members and what prevention measures should be incorporated into the hiring process. Members of the working group asked about the role of Title IX in this process.

There was a discussion regarding prevention and awareness training and how it can be centralized and accessible to community members. Members of the working group proposed adding more training options, community-led prevention programs, and ally and advocate groups.

The meeting culminated with the provost thanking the group for their energy, input and participation. Husch Blackwell will continue drafting policy language to be submitted for review later in the semester.


Joey Williams

Ex-officio member, Communications

Director of Communications, Office of the Executive Vice President and Provost

March 12, 2020